I bought a dog that was supposed to be purebred and isn’t

////I bought a dog that was supposed to be purebred and isn’t


I bought a dog from a breeder, and he told me it was supposed to be 100% Belgian Malinois. The breeder ended up posting a DNA test from the father of the litter we got her from, and it said that he was 40.5% Dutch Shepherd, 31% German Shepherd, and 28.5% Belgian Malinois. So, we did a DNA test on our puppy, and she came back with 48.9% Belgian Malinois, 12.7% German Shepherd, and 38.4% Dutch Shepherd. We spent $2500 on her, and I want to keep her. I just want to ensure that he won't do it again.


People who believe that a breeder misrepresented the breed of a dog they purchased can sue to try to get compensated, such as for the difference in monetary value between a purebred dog and a mixed breed dog. Fraudulent business practices can also be reported to the state Attorney General’s office and consumer protection agencies and organizations. The State Board of Agriculture can be contacted as well. Next time, consider adoption. There are so many wonderful dogs and other animals at shelters waiting for a loving home.

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