I bought a puppy and now the owner has changed her mind.

////I bought a puppy and now the owner has changed her mind.


I paid for 2 puppies and was told by the original owner that they would be ready by Monday at 7. Now she has changed her mind. Is that legal?


I hope this is not a puppy scam (and, sadly, there are many) where people pay for an animal and never receive the animal or get their money back. Sometimes the animals offered for sale don’t exist. People can sue to try to get the animal (but chances are that even if the animal did exist, he/she would not be around by the time the lawsuit is resolved). People can also sue for the return of the money paid. Puppy scams can be reported to the state Attorney General, the police, and consumer agencies and organizations. In the future, consider adopting from a shelter or rescue. There are so many wonderful animals waiting for a new home.

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