I can’t afford my puppy’s bills. What do I do?

////I can’t afford my puppy’s bills. What do I do?


We purchased a German Shepard from a Pet Store and had all the papers and the Breeder's information. When we brought her home she had diarrhea. I called the pet store and they said it was the change in food or just a sensitivity to the change in her environment. We ending up rushing her to a vet when she started vomiting. We had only had her for 3 days. They checked her for all kinds of things and put her on a special diet. She straightened out in a couple of days and then it started again after a month, so she has had bouts of diarrhea on and off. We've now been to 2 different vets. She has all her shots. Before her lyme shot she was a healthy and 60 lbs. She started the next day with diarrhea, and in two weeks was down to 50 lbs. We of course went to a third vet to get a second opinion. They found that she has a pancreas problem and can't digest her food. From start to finish with the vets, we have spent over $3,000 in vets, tests, food, and the most recent vet bill was $625. We are a retired couple on a fixed income. I called the Pet Store and the Breeder. The breeder offered to give us a replacement. We don't want a replacement. We want our dog. She will be okay as long as she stays on special food and meds at the price of $650 a month. I called the Pet store to see if they could do something. We ran out of money and had to return her to the Pet store and are trying to work out a solution with assistance with the meds and food. Isn't there a law that prohibits this kind of stuff? What can I do?


I hope that you and the pet store can work out an arrangement so that the dog gets good care. This poor Shepherd deserves to have a loving forever home. New Hampshire law provides, in part: “Within 14 days of transfer, the transferee of a dog, cat, or ferret from a licensee may have the dog, cat, or ferret examined by a licensed veterinarian selected by the transferee and, unless said examination indicates the dog, cat, or ferret to be free of disease, the transferee shall be entitled to substitution or, at the transferee’s option, a full refund of the purchase price of the dog, cat, or ferret, if applicable, upon return of the dog, cat, or ferret to the licensee within 2 business days of said examination, accompanied by the veterinarian’s statement that the animal is not free of disease.” Sometimes, animal sales agreements include additional remedies (such as providing for veterinary care for a limited amount of time). The law in some states provide for reimbursement (with limits) of veterinary expenses to try to cure the animal. If a pet store or breeder intentionally misrepresents the health of the animal, the state Attorney General should be contacted and a purchaser may consider a lawsuit for monetary damages. Intervening factors after purchase could make success in such a lawsuit very difficult. All that said, most important is the well-being of the dog! I really hope this works out for her and she gets the care she needs.

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