I gave my dog to my coworker and I want to see him.

////I gave my dog to my coworker and I want to see him.


I gave my dog to one of my coworkers 4 years ago due to my living situation. My coworker and I had a verbal agreement that I could see him and take him when I would like. I haven't seen him once in four years and have contacted the person that I gave my dog to several times over the last four years with no response. I have now contacted his wife, and they are denying me the right to see him. I still have all of his paperwork stating that I am his legal owner. What should I do?


Probably say thank you for caring for the dog when you needed to find a safe place for the dog. People who give away their animals generally have no further rights to those animals. Verbal agreements can be difficult to enforce since disputing parties usually have different versions of the “facts.” While adoption or purchase records sometimes can be helpful to prove ownership of an animal, courts will consider what transpired after adoption or purchase. Four years is a very long time, particularly in the life of a dog. I hope you all consider what is in the dog’s best interests.

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