I need help with my puppy’s medical bills.

////I need help with my puppy’s medical bills.


We got a lab puppy a few weeks ago, and I had noticed she was walking funny, but I just thought she would out grow it. Then she stopped putting weight on it, so the vet did x-rays and nothing is broken, but she has drawer syndrome on both knees. Basically the ligaments are lose. She came with a 1 year guarantee but of course the lady I got her from says it doesn’t cover this. I know she’s had this since I’ve gotten her. Is there anyway I can have her help pay the medical bills?


In addition to rights that may be contained in a written animal purchase agreement, Illinois law provides remedies to people who purchase dogs and cats from pet shops if the animals become ill within a specified amount of time after purchase (twenty-one days if a veterinarian certifies that at the time of sale the animal was unfit for purchase due to illness or within one year if a veterinarian certifies that the animal has a congenital condition that adversely affects the health of the dog). Under this law, consumers can return or exchange the animal or can keep the animal and get reimbursed for veterinary expenses for diagnosing and treating the animal (up to the purchase price). There are other time constraints within the law, including, for example, a requirement that the consumer provide the pet shop with the veterinarian’s certification within 5 business days from diagnosis. If consumers cannot amicably resolve the situation with the seller, the consumer may choose to sue to try to get reimbursed. In addition to pet sale laws, consumers who purchased an animal from a pet store or other merchant (including some breeders) may be able to successfully sue for the breach of other laws, such as the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), on the grounds that the animal was unfit for sale (breach of warranty of merchantability). Purchasers may also file complaints with the Department of Agriculture and the Illinois Attorney General.

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