I own a boarding kennel and my client’s attorneys haven’t been paying the bills.

////I own a boarding kennel and my client’s attorneys haven’t been paying the bills.


My parents are former professional dog handlers and own a large boarding kennel in Northern California. Unfortunately, their main client passed away in April of 2018 with over 40 dogs under my parents' care. As part of his will, he created two separate trusts to care for his large number of animals (one cluster in New York and the other in CA). Unfortunately, the attorneys are very slow to pay. They agreed to pay up to the date of his death and then asked us to accrue bills until the trust was settled. In over a year we have only received one emergency payment and have had no communication in over 5 months. What is our recourse?


Given complexities of estates, I suggest you consider retaining an attorney in your area who can contact the attorney for the estate regarding payments. Sometimes it is possible to expedite payments.

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