I rehomed my dog under certain conditions that have not been met.

////I rehomed my dog under certain conditions that have not been met.


Do I have any rights to my rehomed dog? I rehomed my dog, under certain conditions, that she get her shots and nails clipped. It as been over 3 weeks and they still have not followed through with her needed care, her nails are most definitely causing her pain now.


People who rehome their animal generally have no further rights to that animal and the person with whom the animal was rehomed generally has no legal obligation to return the animal. Offering to take the dog to a veterinarian may at least help the dog now. A civil lawsuit to try to get an animal returned based on breach of contract can also be commenced, although these cases take a long time and get complicated. Sometimes the most expedient way of getting an animal returned is to offer to purchase the animal, as unfair as this may seem under certain circumstances. People who suspect that an animal is being neglected/abused should contact the Humane Society of Missouri Animal Cruelty Task Force, 314-647-4400, the police, and any other entity in their locality that enforces animal cruelty/neglect laws. Keep in mind, however, that the making of an animal cruelty/neglect complaint does not entitle the complainant to get possession of the mistreated animal. I hope that this dog gets the care she needs.

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