I sold my Golden Retriever puppy and want it back.

////I sold my Golden Retriever puppy and want it back.


I fell for a sob story of a single mother trying to fulfill the dream of her son owning a Golden Retriever puppy. I had bred my Golden girl and she contacted me about buying a puppy. We agreed on a payment plan because she couldn’t pay total up front. She has never met any deadline set, nor has she paid any amount after taking the puppy. I filed a civil suit where the judge awarded me the amount she owes plus fees. I don’t want the money, I want my puppy back, but the judge said he cannot order an injunction. She has tried to sell the puppy on Facebook, and now is looking for another place to live because she has to move.


Some courts do not have jurisdiction to order the return of an animal or property and can only award money. Consulting with an attorney or court clerk prior to suing is very important to understand the remedies available in a particular court. Consider that sometimes people are amendable to returning an animal if financial obligations are waived or if additional money is paid (as unfair as that may be). I suggest that any agreement be in writing. Consult with an attorney in your state.

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