I want my dog back.

////I want my dog back.


My dog is at an animal shelter in Washington state because animal control told me they have to take him for now due to a incident where two people were bit by him. Now animal control is calling me asking me to surrender my dog to them. I haven't given them an answer yet. What are my options? Can I get my dog back?


Unfortunately, sometimes pet “parents” are pressured into surrendering their dog after the dog bites a person or other animal. Sadly, too many people get frightened because of threatened fines and fees and the result can be devastating for the dog. Many shelters will euthanize surrendered dogs who have a biting history. Laws vary among municipalities but people whose dogs allegedly bit a person are generally entitled to a hearing or at least an appeal of a dangerous dog determination. Most dogs who are declared dangerous are not ordered to be killed and are returned to their “parents” although the “parents” of a dog declared dangerous usually must take certain precautions (such as muzzling in public, confinement, procurement of liability insurance, registration, etc.). I suggest attorney representation.

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