I want my dog back.

////I want my dog back.


Okay, my wife went to jail while she was walking my dog, and she ended up getting arrested. The police took my dog to the humane society. At the time, I didn't have $30, so they wouldn't give my dog back. Later, I called them, and they said it was now up to $50. Sadly, they adopted my baby to another family, and when I talked to them, they said they couldn't work with me or do anything, and that he is pretty much gone. However, my dog is microchipped, and his tags were up to date too. Please help.


Shelters are typically required by law to hold animals for a specified number of days to give the animals’ “parents” an opportunity to reclaim their animals. After the expiration of the legal hold time, the animals may generally be rehomed if not reclaimed. Laws generally provide that shelters may charge an impound fee. This helps to cover the cost of caring for an animal and that is why the fee often increases the longer an animal is left at the shelter. While a microchip and dog license can prove ownership, they do not in every instance. What transpired after the microchip and dog license were procured can change rights, such as when a person subsequently rehomes an animal, abandons an animal, or fails to retrieve their animal from a shelter in the time period prescribed by law. People who believe that their animal is being wrongfully withheld can sue to try to get the animal returned.

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