I want the lost dog I found back.

////I want the lost dog I found back.


I recently found an abandoned dog and my partner called the Humane Society the following day (the pickup is under his name). We informed we were considering adopting the dog but had to go over a few things first. The lady that picked him up informed they would give the owners 3 days to claim him and if not, we could fill the adoption papers. To my surprise, I found his profile online and see that he has been pre-adopted within less than 24 hours. Is there any loophole, or any possible way I could claim him as mine, since he was technically living under my roof for a day or two? Is there any way I could get him back? I am desperate.


You did a good deed by rescuing the dog. People who relinquish animals to shelters generally have no rights to those animals. After the owner redemption period is over, it is up to the shelter to decide placement of the animals. Sometimes the finder will be allowed to adopt, and sometimes not.

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