Is my ex responsible for paying half of our dog bills?

////Is my ex responsible for paying half of our dog bills?


My ex left me and we have a puppy together. I love the dog but wanted to know if she is responsible for paying half the bills for the dog. I sometimes travel for work and will have to board him which cost a lot if I’m gone a long time. So is she responsible for having to pay half of all the dogs needs? Like food, vet bills and boarding? Is this something I have to go to court for or is it something that I wont be able to retain in court?


When individuals separate or divorce, ideally they would reach an amicable agreement for the care and custody of the family pets, including who gets custody of the animals and pays for their care (which is typically the person who gets custody). When such an agreement is not reached, a lawsuit may be commenced. When couples are divorcing, “petimony” discussions may take place during negotiations regarding the distribution of marital assets. There have not been many cases where “petimony” has been awarded. In one case where the divorcing spouses agreed to share custody of the dog, the court ordered the husband to pay up to $150 a month for the dog’s care. Rudy Giuliani’s ex-wife reportedly sought more than $1000 a month for the family dog’s needs (but her request was denied). Before suing for pet maintenance, one should consider that the party sued may seek custody of the pet even if he/she had not sought custody before. Along with assuming "ownership" of an animal comes the financial responsibility of caring for that animal.

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