Is this neglect?

////Is this neglect?


My husband and I recently decided to foster a dog. The dog we were given to foster has heartworms. We were told and research has confirmed, that the dog needed a calm and quiet environment to recuperate in, as it was very stressful on the dog. We thought we would be perfect for her as we have no other pets, no children, and she would never be left alone; as we have my elderly mother in law living in the home too. We have had the dog in our home for almost 2 months now and the lady who runs the shelter is giving us the runaround on the treatment. She keeps giving us antibiotics to give her. I think she just has them on hand. She is not a vet. Is her not providing this dog the vet care it needs, neglect?


I believe it is neglect and as a foster “parent,” you too have an obligation to make sure that an animal in your custody is receiving appropriate care. In a New York case, for example, the court held that a horse’s caretaker was guilty of cruelty to animals for failing to provide sufficient food for the horse. The court stated, in part: “Defendant was charged with the care and custody of the horse. He testified that he knew the diet supplied was inadequate but failed to provide more, or return the horse.”

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