How can I get kitten from abusive ex?

////How can I get kitten from abusive ex?


What I can do to get my baby kitten back? Before breaking up, he gave me a kitty for my surprise. My ex abused me and threw my kitten twice. First time threw my kitten girl on the wall and second mirror. Before I got the kitten, we used to have another cat named Brownies. I don't know what or where he is, been missing it under his care. I don't want same thing to happen to her. What can I do?


How sad for these cats. They should have been removed from this environment. People who suspect that an animal is being neglected or otherwise mistreated should contact the police, sheriff, animal control, and other entities that enforce animal cruelty laws in their locality. Some humane societies and SPCAs (societies for the prevention of cruelty to animals) also conduct cruelty/neglect investigations. Worth noting as well is that an order of protection in South Carolina may include providing for possession of pet animals and prohibiting harm or harassment against any pet animal who was “owned, possessed, kept, or held by: (a) the petitioner; (b) any family or household member designated in the order; or (c) the respondent if the petitioner has a demonstrated interest in the pet animal.” People who give an animal away generally have no further rights to that animal. People who believe that their animal is being wrongfully withheld can contact the police, although the police do not usually intervene in animal custody disputes, and can commence a civil lawsuit, such as a replevin action, to try to get the animal returned. It can be helpful to have readily on hand evidence that the animal was gifted, even texts and emails. I suggest attorney representation.

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