Kitten taken against wishes.

////Kitten taken against wishes.


My roommate found my cats kitten and gave her to a nonprofit. I want the kitten back and now they’re telling me that she has to go through their adoption process for me to take her back. They also want to vaccinate the kitten and that is not what I want. Please help me. I want her to be cared for (dewormed and spayed) but not vaccinated and they aren’t giving me the option or allowing me to have her back.


Shelters generally have discretion on the placement/adoption of their animals. Deworming, spaying, and vaccinating are often part of the adoption process. I hope the kitten is doing well and will have a happy and safe life. I suggest you have your cat spayed. Spaying helps to curtail the overpopulation of cats and can provide health benefits.

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