Legally adopting a dog from the previous owner

////Legally adopting a dog from the previous owner


Recently a woman who owned a dog died. The son did not want the dog. A mutual friend suggested me as a “forever home” for the dog. My friend gave me the son's contact information and I called and arranged a visit at his home. He seemed very happy to have me take the dog that day. I was a bit surprised but also was very happy to do that as the pup was on poor condition and I fell in love with him right away. The son, at that time, had no information on the dog except that the mom gave him the dog as a puppy and she cared for it at her home while he attended college out of state. How can I get legal custody of the dog to prevent the son from deciding later, when he is finished with college, that he wants the dog back. I have already taken him to the vet for examination and all of his shots and later had him neutered. I love this pup and am doing everything to give him a loving home - toys, leashes, collars, good, nutritious food, grooming essentials and a dog park membership. He came to me with bleeding, bandaged paws which, with care have healed well. Although chances are, it won’t happen - I desperately don’t want this pup to be taken away from us.
Can you offer any advice or suggestions or perhaps, some sort of custody form?
Many thanks in advance.


Generally when a person gives away his/her animal, such person has no further rights to that animal. To avoid possible conflicts in the future regarding ownership rights, it can be helpful to have a written transfer of ownership agreement signed and dated by all parties to the agreement. While it is good to do this at the time possession of the animal is transferred, it can be done later on too. The agreement should clearly state that the person surrendering the animal (description of the animal should be included) is the sole owner of the animal and is surrendering all ownership and possessory rights to the animal to (name of person to whom the animal is being given) and that the person surrendering the animal shall have no further right, claim or title whatsoever to the animal. Good luck!

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