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I lost my Chihuahua and she was found by a neighbor who posted on Lost and Found pet website. The next evening I saw the post and immediately responded she was mine and posted my phone number. No response. Next day after I saw the post I found the house where Hazel my Chihuahua was located but the person wasn't there who found her. I left my info if address and phone numbers. He called later that evening and said he'd given her to a friend/co-worker that wanted her. I asked to have his friend call me so I can get her back. But now the friend won't give her back without paperwork proving she's mine. Unfortunately I can't locate paperwork and the places I took Hazel for shots have closed down or it can't locate paperwork. Hazel has very specific markings to prove she is mine though, but the person still won't give her back. Can I fight with photos to get Hazel, my Chihuahua, back?


People who believe that their animal is being wrongfully withheld can contact the police and can commence a civil lawsuit, such as a replevin action, to try to get the animal returned. Requiring proof of ownership makes sense since otherwise anyone could claim ownership. Photos that show distinctive markings may be enough to prove ownership, but I cannot predict whether they will be in any given situation or lawsuit. The police and court may be persuaded by the fact that the dog was lost and found in the same vicinity (in addition to the unique markings). Additional proof of ownership, such as purchase/adoption records, dog license, microchip, veterinary records, and AKC papers would be helpful to have too (even one of these), but may not be necessary

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