My dog has killed another dog in my own home.

////My dog has killed another dog in my own home.


So, we have a dog who has never been vicious towards people in any way and rarely does anything towards other animals. Unfortunately another dog had been left in our home to watch while we were away. Said other dog was a small dog who tried to assert dominance a few times. Unfortunately the latch on the kennel wasn’t completely latched and we don’t know what happened other than it looks like our dog bit him and he had died. Years later the same family came to stay with us and brought their cat with them. We tried to make sure it was safe but somehow the door got open and our dog has many scratches and the cat wound up dead. Can they call animal control and have him put down as vicious? There was one other instance over 9 years ago with their other dog at their house when they were watching our dog while we were overseas. Another dog was around that one and we were not sure what happened either. Unfortunately the instances with the same family and their pets. Two times they brought their animal to our house. Do they have a claim on trying to get our dog put down?


It is inconceivable why you would continue to pet-sit. The person who makes a dangerous dog complaint to animal control or other government authority does not decide whether the dog will be declared dangerous or what penalty will be imposed if the dog is declared dangerous. The hearing officer will consider the evidence and make a determination. If an animal is declared dangerous for harming another animal, euthanasia is not usually ordered. Consult with an attorney in your municipality regarding local dangerous dog laws and to represent you in a legal proceeding (if one is commenced) involving harm caused by your dog. I hope your dog is getting humane care.

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