My dog I took to an animal shelter but desperately need back.

////My dog I took to an animal shelter but desperately need back.


I got a dog we picked up on the side of the street. My daughter and I fell in love with it, but my husband said it had to go. So we drove it to the Huntsville humane, but my daughter hasn't stopped crying since, and to be truthful, I've had a hard time too. I need to get the dog back, but I don't see him on the website yet. It's been almost 1.5 days, and I'm getting worried. Will they even let me get him back after my husband told them his name and info? How can I get him back?


People who relinquish lost and stray animals to a humane society generally have no rights to that animal. Humane societies typically must hold lost and stray dogs for a few days before placing the dogs for adoption in order to give the dogs' “parents” an opportunity to reclaim their missing animal. The number of days an animal must be held varies throughout the country and sometimes even among municipalities within the same state. People who want to adopt a lost or stray animal who they relinquished should let the humane society know. There is usually an adoption process, including, for example, completing an adoption application. Consider, however, that the dog should have a loving, forever home so the family who adopts the dog should all want the dog in their home.

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