My family didn’t get to say goodbye to foster dog.

////My family didn’t get to say goodbye to foster dog.


I had a foster dog for over a year, but it wasn't the best fit for our family so we didn’t adopt. We took him to several adoption events. A couple was interested in him at one event, and an hour meeting was set up the following week between them and an agency representative. The rep. took him to the visit, and then called to say she would follow them back to their home, and they would keep the dog beginning immediately. My daughter was gone that day and I begged for him to at least be here when she gets back so we could say a proper goodbye, and they had no response. I have shot records and tags, his bed and crate, but it seems like they had little interest in his best interest. This has left a big emotional impact on our family. Any recourse ideas?


People who believe their animal is being wrongfully withheld can sue to try to get the animal returned. However, you indicated that you were fostering the dog (thus not the dog’s owner), you chose not to adopt the dog after having the dog for over a year, and brought the dog to adoption events. The shot records and tags do not change the facts as you presented them. Regrets do not equal rights. Hopefully, the dog was placed in a loving forever home.

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