My neighbor is neglecting her pet. What recourse do I have to get the dog help?

////My neighbor is neglecting her pet. What recourse do I have to get the dog help?


I helped my neighbor adopt a dog from the local shelter. The help I provided was by accompanying her with the adoption process. She had initially asked for my help because of my relationship with the rescues. Although I hardly knew her, she appeared to have taken good care of her past pets. She has had the dog not a week yet, but is neglecting him. She does not feed him regularly and is not attending to his UTI. She also has very condemnable living conditions. I did not see or know this until after the adoption. I have offered my advice several times on how to care for the dog. I have also given her supplies such as food, bedding, treats, harness, leash, etc.. As I am discovering the neglect, I also offered to take the dog back to shelter. She is now refuses/ignores my support. The dog is not getting basic needs met and does not have decent living conditions. What recourse do I have now to get the dog help?


Animal adoption agreements sometimes contain provisions allowing shelters/rescues to reclaim animals for breaches (such as when an animal is being mistreated). People who suspect an animal is being abused or neglected should contact the shelter where the animal was adopted, if known, and law enforcement authorities. In addition to the police, some humane societies and SPCAs (societies for the prevention of cruelty to animals) have the authority to enforce animal cruelty and neglect laws. This includes the right to seize mistreated animals.

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