My neighbor wants to take my cat.

////My neighbor wants to take my cat.


What can I do to keep my neighbor from stealing my cat an taking it an dropping it off somewhere else,she will not take it to a shelter I'm sure, she said she's going to drop it off somewhere far enough that it won't come back an to me that is animal cruelty bc it is my pet, I have an apt for it to me fixed on Dec 22nd and I am going to try an keep it inside till it gets fixed, what can I do to keep my pet from being stolen from me an taken away to be dumped all alone an who knows where,thank you for doing this work,I appreciate you for helping people like this,I literally have no idea what to do on keeping this animal safe


What can I do to prevent my neighbor from stealing my cat and taking it, then dropping it off somewhere else? I'm sure she won't take it to a shelter, she mentioned dumping it far away so it won't return, which I consider animal cruelty because it's my pet. I have an appointment for it to be fixed on Dec 22nd, and I'm planning to keep it inside until then. How can I ensure my pet isn't stolen and left alone somewhere?

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