My neighbor’s dog keeps getting into our yard and attacking our dog.

////My neighbor’s dog keeps getting into our yard and attacking our dog.


We have been having issues with our neighbor's dog jumping into our yard, even though our house is fenced. This same dog has even bitten me on the face and near the eye, and the neighbors have done nothing about it. A year later, we got a new male dog, a Pitbull mix who has been sterilized. However, I noticed that his mood and energy have drastically decreased and he isn't his old self. I later saw our neighbor's small male dog through the window trying to hump my dog, which ended up attacking it on our doorstep. This isn't the first time their dog has attacked ours. We have been telling the neighbors about their dog for years, but their dog still manages to get into our yard. I fear for my dog's life because he doesn't even try to defend himself.


I am sorry to hear about your situation. This may sound simplistic but in these situations replacing or fixing a fence can often prevent other dogs from entering. Supervising animals when outdoors can help too.

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