My roommates took my cat claiming negligence.

////My roommates took my cat claiming negligence.


Hello, I bought 2 cats with my roommate over a year ago. My roommate was the one working with the foster family and did paperwork while I just payed for the split cost of the two. Throughout the time we just split everything for the cats. She would get the stuff and I would pay for half. The housing situation became toxic staying with the roommates who have severe mental health issues and I could no longer be there. So I would go there and take care of my cat each morning before work. I never physically saw my roommates because they were either gone or sleeping, but they claim since they have not seen me that I am neglecting my cat and refuse to tell me where he is or give him back. I need help in if I should take this to court and guidance. Thank you.


People who believe that their animal is being wrongfully withheld can sue to try to get the animal returned. Consider, however, that putting food down each morning does not come close to meeting all of a cat’s needs. Cats need love and attention, their litter box needs to be cleaned, and they need veterinary care. In many instances, it can be difficult to prove ownership when an animal’s adoption papers are in another person’s name and the animal was left behind with that person. Most people would take their animal with them when they moved. Also consider that the cats may be happy together. I hope that everyone involved acts in the best interests of these cats.

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