My vet keeps adding procedures and bills to my puppy with parvo.

////My vet keeps adding procedures and bills to my puppy with parvo.


Hello, initially we were quoted around $5,800 to treat our puppy with parvo. Though it seemed he was past the worst, they wanted to keep him longer to make sure he made it out. Now, they’ve been using the same scare tactics and other ways of keeping him longer and adding onto the bill. Is there anything I can do?


I hope your puppy gets all better soon. Consider that the veterinarian may want to ensure the well-being of the dog, not to unjustly overcharge. Sadly, more often I hear of situations where an animal may have been released from a hospital too soon with bad results. People who are not satisfied with a veterinarian may choose to take their animal to another veterinarian for a second opinion or for further treatment (assuming that it is safe for the animal to be moved). Good luck to you and the puppy!

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