My wife adopted out my dog without my permission.

////My wife adopted out my dog without my permission.


My wife adopted out my dog without my permission. Fill out a form online. Was told I could not back out after she filled out application. She had been told several times the dog was not to be adopted out. Do I have any chance of getting my dog back?


Once an animal is rehomed, it is usually very difficult to get an animal returned. Getting an order for the return of an animal can sometimes be accomplished through a lawsuit, depending on the facts of each case (for example, after Hurricane Katrina some pet “parents” were successful in their lawsuits to get their animals returned, but clearly those were extraordinary circumstances). However, merely filling out an online application without actually transferring possession would not typically consummate the deal. Consider that as a married couple, the dog may be deemed marital “property,” not just yours. Also consider the well-being of a dog who is unwanted by someone who lives with the dog. I hope you all do what is best for the dog.

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