Neglect of cats

////Neglect of cats


My 2 cats have IBD and must eat. They’re shy & easily stressed. I emphasized the importance of them eating to the kennel operator both verbally and in writing. I brought different food varieties and an appetite stimulant for emergency use. I told the owner that if cats don’t eat they develop liver disease, and one of them had already experienced that in the past. Each day she told me in writing they were both eating well. When I picked them up they were both extremely thin. She told me I feed them too much, which meant they weren’t eating and she was discarding the food. I can’t recall if I signed a waiver because I was already upset about leaving them there. Do I have recourse?


People who believe that their animal has become ill or died due to the negligence or intentional act of a kennel operator or other person can sue for monetary damages (such as veterinary expenses to treat the sick animal). While most New York courts do not award money to an animal’s “parent” for emotional distress or loss of companionship, a few courts have. As with any lawsuit, it will be necessary to prove the allegations. The fact that the cats were thin when retrieved from the kennel may mean that they were not being fed enough or may mean that the cats didn’t eat as usual, which is not uncommon when cats are stressed (and many cats will become stressed when left in unfamiliar surroundings). Some localities regulate kennels so complaints can also be made to the regulatory agency. People who believe that animals are being mistreated can also contact the police, SPCA (society for the prevention of cruelty to animals), and other entities in their area that enforce animal cruelty laws. Most importantly, I hope your cats are doing well.

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