Negligence of Groomer.

////Negligence of Groomer.


We dropped our dog off for boarding and grooming. When we picked him up they had cut all of his hair off without any explanation. He is an American Akita, his coat may never grow back and will never be the same. He is suffering psychologically and now he cannot be in the sun due to possible skin cancer and he cannot be out in the cold.


Consider speaking with a veterinarian regarding steps to take so that your dog can go outdoors and enjoy life. I hope that his hair grows back! People who believe that a groomer caused harm to their animal can sue. However, in order to be compensated it will be necessary to prove damages. A bad haircut may not be enough for a court to award monetary compensation. Be prepared for a groomer to argue that the dog was matted. Some localities license groomers so complaints against groomers can be made to the licensing agency, if there is one, and to consumer protection organizations.

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