Neighbor dog attacked mine on my property.

////Neighbor dog attacked mine on my property.


I live in small town, Washington. There is no animal control. My Neighbor regularly has her dogs off leash in her unfenced yard. Every time I have my dogs in my yard and hers notice, her dogs run to my yard and attack mine. The sheriff tells me I need to ask her to leash her dogs before bringing mine outside our fence both in my own yard and on the city street and sidewalks near her house. I cannot safely use my own yard for my dogs as long as hers are outside their fence. Do I have any legal repercussions? I have video evidence of their dog attacking mine in my own yard.


I am so sorry to hear about your dogs. People whose dogs are injured or killed by another dog may sue the owner of the “offending” dog. Washington State law states, in part: “The owner or keeper of any dog shall be liable to the owner of any animal killed or injured by such dog for the amount of damages sustained and costs of collection, to be recovered in a civil action.” There are also provisions in Washington State law and in local laws to declare dogs dangerous. If a dog is declared dangerous, the dog’s owner will have to take certain actions, such as confining the dog and obtaining liability insurance. Contact local law enforcement about the procedures in your area to have a dog declared dangerous. In any event, I suggest you take measures to secure your fence or erect a different fence to prevent your neighbor’s dogs from entering.

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