Neighbor is caging my cats.

////Neighbor is caging my cats.


My neighbor is starting to put out cages to cage my cats and they are putting tuna in them to bait my cats over. Normally my cats stay in my yard and don't go into said neighbors yard but now with the tuna they are. I had to go over to my neighbors house and break my cat out of the cage. Do I need to call someone to get them to stop trying to cage my cats? (no feral cat colonies are in the area)


People who intentionally lure another person’s animal may be criminally charged with theft, depending on the facts and circumstances. It is also illegal to mistreat or abandon an animal. The police should be contacted regarding theft or animal cruelty/abandonment. Security cameras may help to see whether your cats are leaving your yard. It could very well be that your cats have gone onto your neighbor’s property even without the tuna. It is unfortunate that not all people are welcoming to animals. In these situations, it is prudent to take action to prevent harm and not wait until an animal goes missing. Failing to do so can be tragic for the animal even if the person responsible for the harm is prosecuted. Consider keeping your cats indoors where they will be safer.

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