Neighbor neglects dogs so badly they run into other homes

////Neighbor neglects dogs so badly they run into other homes


My neighbor's dogs are being so badly neglected that they both look as if they haven't been bathed or groomed in several couples of months. Their fur is matted and dirty and they have dried up tears in their eyes. They have cobwebs and what not in their fur and one seems to be going through a bad case of hair loss. The household who owns the dogs has roughly 10-12 people living in the one house. Both dogs come and run into our house quite often. Today, one of the dogs was very close being hit by a car. That same dog seems to just sit in the middle of our road. I want to ask them if we can look after their dog, or if we can keep it, but I don't know how to.


One can simply ask another person if he or she is willing to rehome/adopt out his/her animals. Sometimes people who are neglectful are willing to give their animals away. Sometimes these neglectful individuals want money for their animals (which seems outrageous given the medical and other care the animals will need but now and then can be the most expedient way to get an animal out of a bad situation), and sometimes neglectful people simply refuse help. It is beneficial to have a written agreement which clearly states that the person giving the animals away or selling the animals is the sole “owner” of the animals (description of the animals should be included), is giving away or selling the animals to (a named person), and is relinquishing all rights, claim, and title to the animals. If the animals are not rehomed immediately, I strongly suggest contacting local humane societies and the police. Cruelty to animals is against the law. Good luck!

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