Neighbor won’t fix his fence that is falling apart, whilst his dog tries to hurt mine.

////Neighbor won’t fix his fence that is falling apart, whilst his dog tries to hurt mine.


My neighbor will not fix his fence that is falling apart and we share that fence between our yards. There is multiple panels being held up on my side by cinder blocks and stuff. There are several spots where a large or small dog could easily get through if they really tried. My dog has even wandered into the neighbors yard through one of these holes. Which is very dangerous for him considering he is much smaller than my neighbors dog. And every time my neighbors dog is outside he stalks along the fence as if ready to attack my dog. Is there anything I can do? Can I make him fix his fence? It's quite unfair I have to fear for my dogs life and go outside with him every time he needs to use the bathroom.


People who want to better ensure their own animal’s safety should not rely on a neighbor to erect or repair a fence. Fences often need to be repaired and sometimes bricks or other materials must be used to prevent animals from digging under a fence and escaping. Consider putting up your own fence.

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