Neutered French Bulldog

////Neutered French Bulldog


Hello. I recently purchased a French bulldog. When getting the dog I was told he was not fixed. I didn’t think to check because I took their word. The next day while at the vet they noticed he was in fact fixed. Do I have any legal grounds and if so what can I do?


There is a serious overpopulation of dogs so one way of looking at this situation is to be thankful that your dog won’t be contributing to the overpopulation and that you don’t have to pay for the neuter surgery. Alternatively, a person may choose to sue for any difference in monetary value between a neutered dog and an unneutered dog, although these types of disputes can often be resolved by speaking/negotiating, rather than suing. It is important to review any written documents since they may indicate that the dog was neutered. Verbal agreements are often difficult to enforce without corroborating evidence in part because disputing parties frequently recount different versions of the agreement.

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