Parents want to keep ex’s dog until reimbursed boarding fees.

////Parents want to keep ex’s dog until reimbursed boarding fees.


My parents have been taking care of my boyfriends dog while he has been out of town. He had agreed to pay for food, vet care etc. We have since broke up and the ex wants his dog back, but doesn't want to pay for his care. Do my parents have the right to keep the dog until they are reimbursed?


Florida has a lien law that provides that persons feeding or caring for another person's animals can have a lien for the care and maintenance of the animals. However, consider that as each day passes the money expended on care increases. It often can be more cost effective, particularly with dogs and cats, to return an animal and sue for the amount due. Also, unless there is a written boarding agreement which states the amount due, a court could find that the boarding was gratuitous (more so when the people know each other as in your situation).

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