Was told I could keep cat left for an extended period, but now previous owner wants her back.

////Was told I could keep cat left for an extended period, but now previous owner wants her back.


A friend left her cat with me 3 months ago. After some time she agreed that I should keep the cat but has now changed her mind. She won't be returning for almost another month but also has no job, no home, and we have found out that she has a drug problem. I found out that the cat has not been fixed or had its shots. I would like to keep her and provide her with all of this. Do I have to give the cat back? Truly worried. Thank you.


Generally when a person gives his/her animal away, such person has no further rights to that animal. Regrets do not equal rights. If litigated, courts will consider the evidence to determine whether an animal was given away, abandoned, or boarded. In determining whether the agreement (including amended agreement) was just for boarding, courts may consider whether the animal’s original “owner” paid for boarding and for how long.

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