Previous owner filed a lawsuit to get the dog we adopted back.

////Previous owner filed a lawsuit to get the dog we adopted back.


My husband and I adopted a dog back in September. This weekend we were served with papers. The previous owner is suing to reclaim the dog or collect money from us. She claims the rescue was only to hold the dogs temporarily while she had surgery. She wanted the dogs back after two weeks. The rescue had our dog for multiple months before we even adopted him. She is also trying to claim that her signature was a forgery. She had another small dog she surrendered at the same time as our dog, and she has filed the same lawsuit against the owner of that dog as well. I'm terrified we are going to lose our little guy.


People who sign an animal surrender agreement generally have no further rights to the animal they surrendered. It may also be difficult for a person to prove that animals left for months at a shelter/rescue were not surrendered. All that said, I suggest retaining an attorney to represent you, if at all possible.

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