My puppy’s siblings might be being abused/neglected.

////My puppy’s siblings might be being abused/neglected.


I got my puppy in an unorthodox way. I walked outside my building and heard someone call out, "Does anyone want a puppy?" When I seen her, it was love at first sight, and I asked the girl who had her where she came from. I was told that she had found her in a "trap house" and seeing the state she was in couldn't leave her there, but couldn't keep her because her building has a no pets policy. I was told she was 6 weeks old, but she was only 4 weeks come to find out. Long story short, today a woman on a bike stopped me and asked me about my puppy while we were out on a walk, and it turns out she knows the general location of one of my puppy's siblings, but informed me that health wise my puppy looks amazing compared to the rest. If I were to locate this sibling and find it in a state of neglect or abused, would it be legal for me to take it, and give it a real home, either with myself and it's sister or to someone I know would give it the life it deserves? I doubt myself in my puppy parenting skills so the idea that mine is the healthiest taken care of in a whole litter is breaking my heart.


I hope that you can locate the animals. It is unclear if these animals are owned or abandoned and on private property or public property. Rights would be dependent on that. People who believe an animal or animals are neglected or abandoned should contact animal control, the police, SPCA (society for the prevention of cruelty to animals), and any other entity in their locality that has authority to enforce animal cruelty laws and to seize neglected animals. Time is of the essence since puppies are quite fragile and need a lot of care.

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