Rehome after adoption

////Rehome after adoption


I recently adopted a dog but he isn’t a good fit for our family unfortunately. I found someone who wants him but when I adopted him I signed a contract stating I wouldn’t sell, trade, or rehome him. But I don’t want to send him back to the shelter. How binding are these contracts?


Enforceability of contracts depends on the contract wording, including what remedies, if any, the contract specifies for breaches. Some shelters are willing to work with adopters who wish to re-home. For example, some shelters may consent if the adopter finds a good home for the animal. The purpose of the re-homing language in the adoption agreement is to give the shelter an opportunity to carefully screen potential adopters. While it is rare for shelters to sue for adoption contract breaches, they can. I hope this all works out well for this dog who should have a loving, forever home.

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