Rehomed pup now in shelter.

////Rehomed pup now in shelter.


I rehomed my dog, who i’ve had since she was a puppy, due to changes in housing . I told the woman I gave her to that I would take her back no matter what and to please not hesitate to call if she couldn’t keep her . She had a hard time with her because she was aggressive around food and , instead of telling me, she sent her to a shelter . She knew I wanted her back, but made a decision based on “the safety of my child” despite the fact that she knew nothing of my dogs relationship with my 4 month old . She refused to tell me the name of the shelter , the date she took her in, or anything relating to where she went . I just want my dog back . She’s my family and I trusted she would be ok now she’s alone . Please help me .


People who sell or give their animal away generally have no further rights to that animal. Telling an adopter or purchaser that they should not hesitate to call if they can no longer keep the animal does not constitute a contract. Therefore, under these circumstances, the purchaser or adopter generally has no legal obligation to make such a call or to return the animal. I hope the dog is having a happy life with her new family.

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