Rehoming Custody Problem

////Rehoming Custody Problem


I was forced out of my home and had to board animals. I had five total, three dogs and two cats. I found a condo and could not bring all of them with me. The golden retrievers were 12 and 6 and strongly bonded. I found a home for them. I have asked for them back (a few times over the year) as my situation has changed and the woman refuses to give my dogs back. Is it possible for me to get my dogs back?


Generally when a person gives away his/her animals such person has no further rights to the animals unless there was an agreement specifying such rights. Temporary boarding is another situation. If a person believes that his/her animals are being wrongfully withheld, a civil lawsuit may be brought to try to get the animals returned. The police may also be contacted. It is important to carefully read boarding agreements to understand rights. Also, some states have laws which provide a mechanism whereby animals left for boarding may be deemed abandoned if not retrieved in a timely manner (and generally these laws require the facility or person with whom an animal is boarded to send a letter to the animal’s “owner” giving notice about the impending abandonment). Check with an attorney in your area for local laws that may be applicable.

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