Rescue wants my foster dog back.

////Rescue wants my foster dog back.


I have been fostering an abused dog for about 1 1/2 years. The rescue tried twice to place the dog in a new home. Both attempts failed and the dog was returned to my care I have 2 other foster dogs. After no attempt to contact me after I asked them to adopt the dog they now come saying that they will take the dog back. She has finally adapted to the home and allows me to hold her and lies down with me. She loves the other dogs. Do I have any recourse to say that they abandoned her. After 1.5 years the dog is happy. She will suffer greatly being yanked from her home and people. What can I do? Yes I did sign an agreement.


A defense of abandonment would only be relevant if sued or if the police inquire. Rights would most likely depend on the terms of the foster agreement. I cannot predict the outcome of any given case (and many more people threaten to sue than sue) although an abandonment defense may be a difficult since the rescue removed the dog twice with your cooperation. I hope that you and the rescue can work this out in the best interests of this dog.

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