She’s my dog but the law is trying to remove her.

////She’s my dog but the law is trying to remove her.


Recently, someone in my house hold was arrested for animal cruelty. They went in for their animal cruelty assessment and they were told that I would have to re-home my dog, even though she isn't his dog. She is completely mine and her adoption is under my name. Can the law force me to give my dog away because someone in my household was arrested for animal cruelty?


The law provides that for certain animal cruelty convictions, the court, as a condition of the sentence, shall enter an order prohibiting the convicted person from “owning, possessing, or caring for a pet animal.” Possession is a broad term and may be interpreted to include an animal living in the same household. In any event, it is unclear why anyone would want to keep his/her animal in the same household with a person who was convicted of cruelty to animals. Law enforcement is not ordering you to give up your dog. Rather, law enforcement seems to be saying that the person convicted of cruelty to animals may not reside with an animal. Consider that people in your situation typically have options, including, for example, moving or placing the dog in a new home. It is your responsibility to safeguard your dog. I hope your dog is safe.

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