Sibling dispute over beloved cat

////Sibling dispute over beloved cat


My younger sister brought home an abandoned kitten 11 years ago. In that time due to my sister having many mental issues and drug issues, my husband and son and I always cared for the cat. In 2009 we got a beagle and the cat and dog became best friends, inseparable to this day. My sister has come and gone over the years but the cat has always stayed in our home with us. She moved to a different city 2 years ago with no intention of coming back and took another abandoned cat with her instead of the one we have had for years. In the 6 months she was gone, we fed, bought liter etc. for the cat she left in our care for years. When she came back we graciously let her stay with us again, while she left her other cat in the city she had moved to with her ex. Even with her living in my home the cat sleeps with my husband and I and our beagle every night, or with our son who is now 13 and has grown up with this cat as part of our family. Now, she has found yet another boyfriend and is finally moving! But, I have told her many times, she is not taking the cat but can come over anytime. She said no, physically tried to attack me and I kicked her and her boyfriend, who I have let stay here as well, out of my home. The cat is still with us, thankfully. This is his home, his family. We love and care for him. She comes and goes. Separating the cat and dog will cause depression in both as we saw for one week of vacation last year. She wants to take him out of selfishness, not because she loves him. Do I have a chance if I have to go to court? Thanks.


Yes. While one cannot guarantee the outcome of a pet custody case, it is very unlikely that a court would order a person who has been living with and caring for a cat for eleven years to return the cat to the cat’s original “owner.” Good luck!

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