SPCA won’t release the dogs I bought as a gift to my daughter because of my past.

////SPCA won’t release the dogs I bought as a gift to my daughter because of my past.


I brought dogs for my daughter and grandchildren, someone dog napped them and the spca rescued them. I have a animal cruelty charge from 3 years ago which isn't my fault but took responsibility. I did my time and paid my fine, spca wouldn't release the animals to my daughter being that I purchased them as a gift to her and her children. What can I do about this matter?


Consider that since you were convicted or pled guilty to animal cruelty, as far as the state and SPCA are concerned, you were guilty. Virginia law allows courts to prohibit a person who was convicted of mistreating an animal from possessing or owning companion animals in the future. There is a provision in the law, however, allowing such person to petition the court to repeal the prohibition. People who believe that their rights are being violated should retain an attorney in their state. I hope the dogs have a safe and happy life.

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