Spouse threatening to take my ESA Cat to the pound.

////Spouse threatening to take my ESA Cat to the pound.


My ESA cat has been hiding out in our room a lot since we got a very friendly and excited dog. The cat has peed on my husband's laundry a few times (but has a history of peeing on various things occasionally in the past) now he's constantly threatening to take the cat to the shelter if it happens again. I'm breaking down in tears feeling like he'd be giving the boot to one of our children. Do I have any legal grounds to make him deal with cohabitating with the feline, since the cat is my ESA and one of the few things that still brings me joy?


A veterinarian may provide guidance and treatment to alleviate the cat’s anxiety and suggestions on getting the animals to become accustomed to each other. People who believe that their animal may be surrendered to a shelter should contact the shelters in their area to put them on alert, although consider what would happen if you brought the cat home. Would the cat be taken to a shelter again or be abandoned? I hope that you and your husband can amicably resolve your differences regarding the cat who should have a loving, safe, stable, and forever home. With respect to legal grounds, consider consulting a matrimonial attorney.

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