Stolen Puppies.

////Stolen Puppies.


I had 5 Akita Shepherd wolf mixes that are now 4 months old. I asked someone to watch them while I was gone, and they refused to return them. I want to take legal action for the emotional distress this has caused me.


People who believe that their animals are being wrongfully withheld can commence a civil lawsuit, such as a replevin action, to try to get the animals returned and/or for money (such as for the monetary value of the animals) and can contact the police, although the police do not usually intervene in pet custody disputes. Courts do not generally award money for emotional distress in these types of situations. Consider that the person to whom you gave possession of the dogs may argue that you rehomed the dogs to him/her. Courts will consider evidence regarding the agreement (such as whether the agreement was for boarding or the dogs were gifted or sold) and may consider whether any boarding fees were paid for the dogs’ care. Note that the keeping of wolf/dog hybrids is restricted in California and some municipalities in California prohibit the keeping of wolf/dog hybrids.

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