Surrender of dog

////Surrender of dog


I have a great Pyrenees that we adopted a few months ago from a rescue. Since adopting him we have had issues with him attacking our smaller dogs and cat, he also has severe anxiety when crated or left alone. We have a rescue organization closer to us who is willing to work with us to either help with the anxiety and aggression or possibly re-home him (which we really do NOT want to do). They stated unless the rescue organization we adopted him from releases him from the contract they cannot and will not help. We have written documentation from our vet that he does NOT do well in a crate. If she takes him back he will be put in a pen almost all day and all night. He has now become used to sleeping on a bed/couch, regular grooming, and basically being spoiled. She stated if we do not surrender him back to her she will come to my home and declare it unfit. If she takes this dog back, it will destroy him...when we got him he was a disgusting mess, afraid of EVERYTHING...we've worked hard to bring him to the dog he is. Thank you for your advice.


Since you do not want to re-home the dog and you are having issues getting the dog trained by a local rescue, consider hiring a humane animal behaviorist/trainer. Good luck!

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