Taking in a rehomed dog.

////Taking in a rehomed dog.


We are taking in a dog that is being rehomed but are worried down the line this person may want him back. Is there anything we could do to prevent this or make the rehome binding?


A written transfer of ownership agreement signed and dated by both parties can help to avoid future disputes. The agreement should clearly state that the person who is re-homing the animal (name of person and description of animal included) is relinquishing all rights to the animal to the other person (who, of course, should be named). Microchip and license registration along with veterinary records should be changed to reflect the new ownership at the same time as re-homing takes place. If the dog is not microchipped or licensed, that should be taken care of very soon after taking possession, along with getting the dog examined by a veterinarian. Good luck with your new family member!

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