Taking ownership of a dog.

////Taking ownership of a dog.


I was gifted a dog because the owner moved and couldn't have a pet where she was staying. Four months later, she found a location where she could take the dog and wanted it back. When I said that was not happening, she called the police and lied, saying I stole her dog. She claimed that I was fostering the dog temporarily and now refused to return it. The cops seemed to be on her side, stating that I had no proof that the dog was given to me. They threatened that if I didn't return him, she could file charges of theft, and I could be arrested. I thought that was absurd since I had spent money on vet bills and daily costs to care for the dog. She never offered a dime. I even allowed her to visit him. She would come for a few hours about two times a month to see him. I was very kind to her, but it didn't stop her from doing this. It broke my heart, but I gave in and decided to let her take him. I cried for weeks. A few months have gone by, and now it seems she is back in the same situation. She lost her home, and the place she is staying is telling her she can't keep the dog. What can I do to protect myself from this happening again? I don't think she is an honest person, even though she apologized, and she may be trying to use me again. If I take the dog, what actions are needed for me to make sure that this time around, it's a solid legal confirmation that I am the owner? I can't go through this again, as it was very emotional for me to lose him the first time.


When an animal is rehomed, ideally there would be a written agreement that clearly states that one named person is relinquishing all ownership rights to the animal to the other named person. A description of the animal should be included and the agreement should be signed and dated. If the animal is microchipped, the microchip registration should be changed at the same time the animal is rehomed. The animal’s veterinary records and dog license should also be changed along with any other ownership records.

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