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Is there any way that I could have my dog fostered, and then get her back? We both were in an abusive situation, and where I am moving to I am not able to bring her with me. It will only be for a short while, but I do not want to permanently lose the only thing I have left.


Some humane societies and animal control departments have programs for the temporary care of pets of victims of domestic violence so consider contacting them. It is very important that boarding/fostering agreements be in writing and that the agreement is clear that ownership of the animal is not being transferred. The length of time the animal will be boarded/fostered should be specified. These arrangements often include provisions for the payment of fees (not necessarily so with humane organizations). It is important that people who temporarily board their animal retrieve their animal on time. Violations of the agreement may result in forfeiture of the animal. Before an animal is boarded/fostered, the animal should be microchipped, licensed (mostly applicable to dogs), and be examined by a veterinarian. The animal should be up-to-date on vaccinations. It is very important to carefully screen potential foster “parents” and boarding facilities. Good luck to you and your dog!

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